Sunbury Line Upgrade

The $2.1 billion Sunbury Line Upgrade will enable more modern trains to run on the line.

A range of enhancements will be made to the Sunbury Line to take full advantage of the extra capacity created by the Metro Tunnel and for more modern trains to run.

The Sunbury Line Upgrade will see upgrades within the rail corridor extending from Sunbury to Footscray.

Works include:

  • power upgrades between Sunbury and the Metro Tunnel entrance near South Kensington station
  • platform extensions extending from Sunbury to Footscray.
  • installation of wheelchair boarding platforms at eight stations
  • train stabling upgrades at Sunbury, Calder Park and Watergardens.

Sunbury Line Upgrade was funded in the Victorian Budget. Works began in 2019 and the project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023.