Mr Melhem: As the Parliamentary Secretary for Skills and Training, last week I visited students at three Learn Locals with the chairperson of the Adult, Community and Further Education Board, Maria Peters.

BRACE Ballarat, GenU Corio, and CERES Brunswick are providers of pre-accredited skills and training courses funded by the Andrews Labor government.

The lessons we attended provided students with a range of skills: from developing a career plan, to setting clear and achievable goals, and even teaching students the basics of urban farming!

Around 28 000 students access preaccredited learning every year. These courses are critical in boosting the knowledge and confidence of participants—enabling them to pursue further study or gain meaningful employment.

Learn Locals will be an integral part of Victoria’s coronavirus recovery, creating opportunities for economically vulnerable demographics, including people with a disability, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and the long-term unemployed.

The Andrews Labor government’s 2019 ministerial statement into the sector outlines our commitment to boosting teaching capacity and quality, increasing partnerships with employers and TAFEs, and improving access and promotion of the sector.

Thank you to the teachers for letting me visit your classes, and I hope each of your students accomplishes their learning goals.