ALEX FRASER GROUP - 05/06/2019

05 June 2019


Last Friday, along with Minister D'Ambrosio, Ms Taylor and Ms Connolly in the other place, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of two groundbreaking recycling plants at the Alex Fraser Group facility in Laverton. These two plants play a major role in the growth of Victoria's circular economy, and it is a new era in the use of recycled material for the state.

There are two plants: one is a new glass recycling plant, and the other is an asphalt recycling plant. The glass recycling plant will produce around 150 000 tonnes a year. Somewhere equivalent to 1 billion bottles of glass can be recycled and put to good use.

For a number of years, I saw mountains of recycled glass in the Laverton area, particularly at the Visy plants and the Alex Fraser plants, but now we finally have a solution to actually use that material to build roads.

I am pleased to say that some of that product is currently being used on Victoria's new roads-for example, in Metro Trains Melbourne projects and the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing removal project, which has used more than 900 tonnes of recycled glass. Some of the material has also been used in asphalt making.

It is groundbreaking, and I want to congratulate the Alex Fraser Group on their efforts and congratulate the whole team, particularly their managing director, Peter Murphy. We are finally getting there in relation to the recycling issue and putting these recycled materials to good use.