Stony Creek Funding Optimism

“A Western suburbs MP says he is confident more funding will be found to complete the Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project.

As reported by Star Weekly, Brimbank council last month said it could be left with an $11.3 million hole in the ground after work on the project came to a halt because it was discovered the ground was contaminated with asbestos.

The project, to transform a 1.2-kilometre section of Upper Stony Creek from a concrete drain to a natural state, is a partnership between all levels of government and private enterprise.

Western Metropolitan Labor MP Cesar Melhem said the project was important and would be completed.

He said government departments were working to find more money for the project.

“I’m confident the project will be continued … it needs to be done,” he said.

Brimbank mayor Lucinda Congreve said the council was concerned that while the contract for the project remained in place, machinery had been moved offsite and the gates padlocked.

“The longer nothing happens on the site, the more difficult the situation becomes,”
Cr Congreve said.

“All of the project partners and agencies have indicated that they want to keep this project going.”

The council has launched a petition calling for the state and federal governments to
“show leadership” over what it says is fast becoming an issue of “environmental justice for the west”.

The petition was signed by more than 600 people in the first week.”


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