The Andrews Labor Government has introduced a Bill into Parliament to legalise voluntary assisted dying in Victoria, with a vote expected before the end of the year.

The legislation delivers on all 68 safeguards recommended by the Ministerial Advisory Panel to protect individuals and the community.

The Bill sets out a rigorous request and assessment process for access to voluntary assisted dying, and includes the establishment of a dedicated oversight body and protections.

The safeguards protect the vulnerable from exploitation and coercion – and new criminal offences will be created to protect people from abuse.

This legislation will deliver the safest model in the world, with the most stringent checks and balances.

This means all Members of Parliament can have a respectful debate on the principles, instead of the technicalities.

Should the Bill pass Parliament, there will be an 18-month implementation period before access to voluntary assisted dying will start to allow for training and set up to take place.

All Labor Members of Parliament will be given a conscience vote on this legislation.