Melbourne Metro Rail: Fast Tracked

Work has begun on  the Melbourne Metro rail project that will transform Melbourne’s public transport system and bring it up to an international standard, where services at peak times are so frequent and reliable that timetables become redundant. Recently, the Premier, Daniel Andrews joined Jacinta Allen to announce the fast tracking of the project, which includes $40 million to establish the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority to start work and deliver the project as soon as possible. In the short-term, the Authority will oversee immediate planning works, complete development of the Reference Design and undertake detailed site investigations. The project will create 3,500 jobs. Melbourne Metro Rail will double the size of the city loop so that more trains can run more often and deliver new stations to busy and growing parts of the city.

There will also be the construction of 5 new stations.  Parkville station will service Melbourne University and the nearby hospital precinct, which thousands of Victorians visit every day. Arden Station supports future growth and Domain Station will cater for the busy employment zone around St Kilda Rd. CBD North and CBD South will act as interchanges for Melbourne Central and Flinders Street stations and will relieve pressure on the busy Swanston St tram route.