Waste-To-Energy In The West

Melbourne’s West is a vibrant, rapidly growing part of our city experiencing significant change in industry and the built environment. The construction of new housing estates and renewal of existing areas has driven population growth and opened-up new opportunities for economic development.

However, as our city expands it naturally causes some tension through competing land-use priorities as residential development encroaches into former industrial zones.

I was asked by the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, to undertake targeted consultation on waste to energy with industry, local government and community groups in Melbourne’s West. This consultation explored the opportunities, issues and barriers to help inform the Minister in setting a pathway forward for Victoria.

The outcome of this process found that waste-to-energy is a viable solution for residual waste and is a good alternative to land fill. However, it is more expensive, highly technical and will require support from the community.

Residents of Melbourne’s West have made it clear that the burden and impacts of waste management should be shared more fairly across the community.

Having ‘mega’ waste sites (either landfills or otherwise) is not appropriate and the concept of environmental justice, which calls for shared responsibility and inter-generational equity, should be embraced.

Waste to energy facilities should therefore be located across Melbourne and regional Victoria, servicing local and regional communities.

To see the final report please see the link below:

Waste-To-Energy Consultation Report