Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan)  — Today is the centenary of the day that the Battle of Amiens began. The Battle of Amiens, the opening phase of the 100-day offensive which ultimately led to the end of the First World War, began on this day in 1918, with the Australian Corps led by Lieutenant General John Monash, who became General Sir John Monash. The centenary of this decisive battle gave special significance to this year’s General Sir John Monash commemorative service, coordinated by the Spirit of Australia Foundation and held at Parliament House, at which you, President, were present. I had the honour of representing the Premier of Victoria and addressing the gathering. It was a wonderful event, and you covered all the points in your statement yesterday. It was a moving service, particularly seeing young schoolkids in the gallery basically learning this part of our history.

This particular battle saw the beginning of the end of the First World War, during which many Australian lives were lost. Sir John Monash played a crucial role in making sure victory was achieved. As a result of his genius approach on the battlefield, that war was brought to a conclusion and many lives were saved. With that, I will say: we will remember them. Lest we forget.


8 August 2018