Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan) — I also rise to pay tribute to Nick Paraskavas, who recently passed away. As we know, Nick was one of the attendants here in the Legislative Council. He had worked here since November 2011, and I had become well acquainted with him during my time in this place. He was also a constituent in my electorate of Western Metropolitan Region.

As an attendant in the Council Nick was recognised as a hard worker, a trusted colleague and an all‑round good guy, respected by members and staff alike. Nick often took on additional duties, including joining the ranks of the public tour guides — tours being one of the important ways in which the Victorian Parliament seeks to engage with the community. Nick often received very positive feedback in public tour surveys. In recent months Nick was appointed to a new content contributors work group within Parliament that has been set up to identify social media and other internal communication opportunities. Nick’s appointment to this group was indicative of his enthusiasm for extra tasks within the Parliament that were designed to improve engagement with the community.

In 2016 Nick was over the moon when his — and my — beloved Western Bulldogs won the AFL flag for the first time in his lifetime. You could not wipe the smile off his face.

Nick passed away at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on Monday, 17 July. He is survived by his wife, Fiona, his sisters, his extended family and his many friends. I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff who provided Nick with tremendous support during that difficult period. In particular I want to point out Greg Mills, our chief attendant, who was tremendous in his support of Nick and his family through that difficult period. If you ever need someone to be on your side in a difficult time, you could not find a better person than Greg Mills. I thank him again for all the support he provided to Nick and his family.

8 August 2017