Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan): I rise to congratulate Michael Muscat for being awarded the 2017 WorkSafe Health and Safety Representative of the Year. Michael is the health and safety representative (HSR) and a staunch member of the Australian Workers Union (AWU) at Visy Board. Michael is receiving much‑deserved recognition for his tireless efforts over 19 years at Visy Board. For years he has worked to ensure that all workplace laws are being followed and that any potential hazards are removed immediately. He has been responsible for making Visy Board a safer place for himself and his workmates. Michael initiated and got the implementation of a third shift, from two 12‑hour shifts to three 8‑hour shifts. The workers complained about fatigue, and Michael did a risk assessment. The control clearly indicated that they should move to 8 hours. This is indeed a great achievement.

The work of HSR officers is hideously understated. HSRs are influential in the development of health and safety policy, procedures and systems in the workplace. They are responsible for carrying out measures to ensure the safety of workers. They also act as an important liaison between workers and management. It is essential to the operation of a good workplace to have someone of a high calibre in this role to ensure the safety of all workers. The workers at Visy Board are lucky to have Michael, and I hope he continues to provide positive outcomes in that role for many years to come. He also credits the AWU training department with equipping him with the knowledge and skills to do his job. I congratulate him and the AWU on their good work in the health and safety space.

31 October 2017