Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan): My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, the Honourable Luke Donnellan — what a fine minister. I allude to the recent actions taken by the Liberals and the Greens to attempt to halt construction of the West Gate tunnel project. I proudly spoke against that motion in this place this morning and made it clear that the people of the west cannot wait for this project to commence. There are currently 700 jobs on site and 6000 expected to be created throughout the life of the project. This project is providing good, reliable jobs to the people in my electorate, many of whom are recently retrenched ex-auto workers. The west is the fastest growing area in Victoria. We need a second river crossing in order to service the imminent population boom and associated traffic. Without this project we risk a future of increased congestion and reduced amenity in the western suburbs. My question for the minister is: what will it mean for my constituents of Western Metropolitan Region if this project does not go ahead?

21 February 2018