Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan): My question is to the Minister for Education, Mr Merlino. I allude to last week’s announcement regarding the beginning of the stage 2 upgrade of Tarneit College. This investment follows the completion of stage 1 in 2012, which saw the creation of year 11 and 12 classrooms, state‑of‑the‑art design and science buildings and additional car parking space.

Labor’s record investment in schools in the last budget has led to a marked increase in upgrades for new schools. The unprecedented $2.5 billion spend is going towards ensuring that our children have the quality education facilities they all deserve. This investment will immensely benefit my constituents in the western suburbs, with many of the 56 new school projects situated in our outer suburban growth corridors. Can the minister please provide me with further information on the $11.6 million upgrade at Tarneit College? How will this additional investment benefit students in my constituency of Western Metropolitan Region?

31 October 2017

Minister’s Response:

Having modern and up-to-date classrooms and school facilities is a fundamental part of ensuring that every child has the best possible education. We can’t build the ‘Education State’ without investing in our schools’ bricks and mortar.

As you are aware, Tarneit Senior Secondary College first opened its doors for Term 1, 2012, and the $11.6 million of funding provided in the 2016-17 State Budget will build Stage 2 of the school.

Stage 2 will expand Tarneit Senior Secondary’s capacity to meet its growing enrolment numbers, which includes students from feeder schools such as Baden Powell and Tarneit P-9 Colleges. This exciting project will deliver a new, competition grade gymnasium and performing arts centre, a new auditorium, a food technology learning space, a café space, and an administration centre and additional classrooms.

Construction has recently commenced, and once completed at the end of 2018, it will provide facilities that can be shared by the local community.

21 November 2017