Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan) —

I was pleased to see the recent announcement of 100,000 new land lots and 17 new suburbs being created in the next two years, seven of which will be in my electorate of Western Metropolitan Region. This will surely keep us ahead of population growth and deliver the most housing possible to the market to suit the needs of Victorian families. The additional $3.3 billion invested towards the state’s public transport system and the $1.1 billion towards our health system will make sure these areas support and meet the exceptional living standards Victoria is known for. The question I ask is: What work is the government doing to ensure these lots, especially those in my electorate, come to market quickly after rezoning?

22 March 2017


The Victorian Planning Authority is working closely with councils and local communities, other government agencies, landowners and developers to complete significant strategic planning for Melbourne’s growth areas.

The rate at which new housing is delivered is determined by many factors, including when infrastructure can be funded and the capacity of the residential development industry to meet demand.

Once a precinct structure plan is approved, the relevant local council takes responsibility for coordinating its implementation. As part of the Victorian Government’s Homes for Victorians strategy, more than $58 million in planning reforms and initiatives will be introduced, of which, $21 million will provide critical assistance to councils to speed up local planning decisions.

The Victorian Planning Authority’s Streamlining for Growth Program is also being extended another three years, helping growth area councils to streamline subdivision processes, unlock development sites and speed up applications for residential and employment land. This will ensure planning projects can proceed without delay.