Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan): My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, the Honourable Luke Donnellan. I allude to the $300 million upgrade to the M80 freeway, which began construction in the first half of 2017. This forms one of the early parts of the $2.25 billion revitalisation of the M80. This upgrade is set to widen the M80 freeway from two to four lanes from Sunshine Avenue to the E. J. Whitten Bridge and from three to five lanes over the E. J. Whitten Bridge to the Calder Freeway. It is just one of the many infrastructure projects currently occurring in the west as part of the Andrews Labor government’s strategy for meeting our growing population’s needs. Can the minister please advise me of when this project is expected to be completed so my constituents in Western Metropolitan Region can start using the new lanes to reduce their travel times to and from work?

5 June 2018