Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan) — My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, the Honourable Lily D’Ambrosio. Coherent energy policy is crucial to ensuring that we have a strong and sustainable economy, and I am delighted that the Andrews Labor government has led by example through its support for a sustainable energy mix with strong investment in wind and solar. I welcome the recent announcement that a second-term Andrews Labor government would install solar panels on around 650 000 Victorian homes. This would save households around $900 a year on their electricity bills and generate 12.5 per cent of our 40 per cent renewable energy target by 2025. Meanwhile the Liberals in Canberra are tearing themselves apart over emissions targets and subsidies for new coal-fired power stations. My question for the minister is: what are the benefits to my electorate of Western Metropolitan Region of a strong, sustainable energy policy, and what are the ramifications if we get it wrong?


21 August 2018