Mr MELHEM (Western Metropolitan): My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Planning, the Honourable Richard Wynne. Melbourne and the west are growing rapidly, with recent census figures showing that Victoria grew in 2016 by 146 600 people, who now reside in the world’s most livable city. Our government recently approved a new community for 22 000 people in Mount Atkinson and Tarneit Plains with employment land for 19 000 jobs. I ask the minister: what are the state government’s plans for providing services and infrastructure for the new residents and workers in the new suburbs?

17 October 2017


Plans for new housing and employment in the growth areas are prepared by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA).  The VPA develops overall plans for each new suburb to detail exactly what services and infrastructure each community will need and how they will be delivered. The VPA also applies an Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) which outlines how funds will be collected to provide essential local works and services for new communities.
In August 2017, I approved the Mt Atkinson and Tarneit Plains Precinct Structure Plan, and ICP to ensure that financial contributions are collected to fund the planned infrastructure for that community. The total amount to be collected under the ICP is almost $214 million, which will fund new roads, intersections, local parks, community centres, a conservation reserve and sporting reserves.

In addition to the ICP, the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) of more than $100 million paid by the developers will cover a CFA station and early delivery of a new bus service connecting to Rockbank Station prior to the new station being built.  As part of this, an in-principle GAIC agreement has also been entered into with Mount Atkinson Holdings and Stockland to see two Government schools built, land acquired for a future train station and other first-class community facilities.

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 identifies Melbourne as a productive city that can attract investment, support innovation and create jobs, with a key direction being to improve access to jobs across Melbourne and closer to where people live. The future community of Mount Atkinson and Tarneit Plains will have excellent access to jobs and employment opportunities due to its proximity to a ‘State Significant industrial precinct’ as identified by Plan Melbourne, which lies immediately to the west.

13 December 2017