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The Andrews Labor Government’s achievements in Werribee  – 2014 / 2018

* Not a complete list


  • $85 million provided for the Werribee Mercy Hospital redevelopment. This will include 6 operating theatres and support services and 64 new inpatient beds, including 8 critical care beds.
  • Providing $532,855 in funding over four years for Odyssey House Victoria (with Anglicare Victoria) for non-residential rehabilitation as part of Victoria’s Ice Action Plan.
  • $30,000 and $150,000 over four years to Mercy Health to expand the Needle and Syringe Program as part of Victoria’s Ice Action Plan.
  • $65,000 fetal monitoring grant for Werribee Mercy
  • School Shade Grants Program Round 1: Wyndham Central College ($25,000)


  • Continuing to roll out the $5.5 billion West Gate Tunnel Project, creating around 6,000 jobs during construction. The project will complete the Federation Trail
  • Project in tender: Cherry Street and Werribee Street level crossing removal
  • East Werribee Transport Improvement project:

– $45 million Sneydes Road Interchange completed: Ramps on the Geelong side of the Sneydes Road interchange now providing access to and from the Princes Freeway; removal of the existing bridge; lifted and installed 70 bridge beams over the Princes Freeway

– Sneydes Road was widened to improve safety and to allow for the higher traffic demand the interchange will create. The traffic signals were also upgraded.

– Sneydes road and Prince Highway intersection upgrade: a new set of traffic lights, additional lanes, a widened pedestrian path, green lights for cyclists to help them safely navigate the intersection.

  • Regional Rail Network Upgrade: 3 services from Wyndham Vale every weekday
  • $1.8 billion Western Suburbs Road Package: Duncans Road Interchange, construct new westerly orientated entry and exit ramps from the Princes Freeway West to Duncans Road and replace existing bridge over Princes Freeway West.
  • Launched the WynBay L2P program – a community-based initiative that recruits volunteers to help disadvantaged young people get their P’s


  • The first of the new 406 sworn police officers announced in the Victoria Budget 2016/17 being rolled out

Public Safety:

  • Approved $250,000 funding for Wyndham City Council to upgrade facilities in Wyndham’s Kelly Park including public toilet, new piazza courtyard, footpath and park furniture
  • Werribee Courts Upgrade, land will be acquired for the future development of a new court precinct


  • Let’s Count eligible kinders: College Road Kindergarten, Community Children Wyndham Vale, Heathdale Kindergarten, Iramoo Kindergarten, The Manor Kindergarten, Thomas Chirnside Kindergarten, Vista Way Kindergarten and Wyndham Vale Kindergarten.
  • Doctors in Secondary Schools: Manor Lakes P-12 College to participate from term 3, 2017
  • Construction is underway for the new Wyndham Tech School on Victoria University’s Werribee Campus
  • School capital funding: Werribee Secondary College ($7 million), Manor Lakes College ($11.1 million)
  • Funding provided to purchase land for Warringa Park School
  • School maintenance: Westgrove Primary School ($51,000)
  • School Breakfast Club Program participating schools: Manor Lakes P-12 College, Manorvale Primary School, Thomas Chirnside Primary School, Western English Language School, Wyndham Park Primary School, Woodville Primary School, Warringa Park School, Westgrove Primary School, Werribee Primary School
  • Camps, Uniforms and Excursions Fund 2015-2016: Parents supported (4,663), students supported (6,830), total amount paid ($1,049,650)
  • Recent state budget funded the acquisition of land for Wyndham South (Riverwalk) Proposed P6
  • Wollahra P6 has gained funding for more land as part of the Land Acquisition Program
  • $23.7 million allocated to the construction of a new primary school, Wyndham South (Riverwalk) Proposed P-6, to open in January 2020

Emergency Services:

  • $3.75 million in funding to acquire land and build a permanent modern fire station for the Wyndham Vale fire brigade
  • Set to receive a new and upgraded 24-hour ambulance station that will feature 14 full-time paramedics, new ambulance vehicles, drive in-and-out garage bays for vehicles, rest and recline areas, training rooms, bedrooms, modern amenities and a fully-fitted out kitchen
  • Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program 2015-16: $1,838 for Little river CFA and $40,000 for Wyndham Vale CFA
  • Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program 2016-17: $8,150 for Wyndham Vale (equipment operational), $56,791 for Wyndham Unit (vehicle)


  • VicHealth Active Club grants 2016: Wyndham Track and Field Club Inc ($1,550)
  • Defibrillators Grants Program: Werribee Park Golf Club
  • Sporting Club Grants 2016: Hoppers Crossing Basketball Club Inc ($1,000), Manor Lakes Cricket Club ($1,000), Victorian Rugby League Referees Association ($1,000), Werribee South Fishing Club Inc ($1,000), Western Vipers Softball Club ($556), Wyndham All Abilities Football & Cricket Club Inc ($1,000), Wyndhamvale Football Club Inc ($1,000), Werribee Softball Association ($3,000)
  • Sporting Club Grants 2017: Lightning Netball Club ($1,000), Wyndham Netball Association ($1,000), Wyndham Victory Netball Club ($1,000), Lightning Netball Club ($1,775), Werribee Districts Football Club Inc ($2,000), Wyndhamvale Football Club Inc ($3,600), Manor Lakes Football Club ($999), Wyndham Vale Cricket Club ($1,000)

Early Childhood:

  • Children’s Capital Major Grants: Ballan Road Early Years Hub ($1.6 million)
  • Funding for a Co-located Early Leaning Centre at Wyndham South (Riverwalk) Primary School

Family Violence:

  • Men’s Family Violence Funding: Lifeworks Relationship Counselling and Education Services ($359,875)
  • $3.3 million to fund the Wyndham Multi-Disciplinary Centre


  • Children’s Week 2017 grants: Wyndham City Council – Children’s Week Picnic ($500)
  • Empower Youth Grants 2017: Wyndham City – eYouth ($440,000)
  • Freeza Grants 2016-18: Wyndham City Council – Infinite Entertainment ($72,000)
  • $288-million youth justice centre to be built in the vicinity of Cherry Creek in Wyndham by the end of 2020. The centre will include 224 beds for sentenced and remanded inmates and would be designed with many of the recommendations put forward by former police chief commissioner Neil Comrie, who was charged with reviewing the Parkville centre following a series of riots last year.
  • $500,000 funding for a Wyndham Community Support Group to deliver coordinated programs and activities for young people and families from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • $2.75 million statewide funding to target youth offenders by increasing engagement of CALD young offenders in custody, providing targeted transition support and facilitate greater information sharing between police and agencies

Public transport:

  • The second of more than 100 new trains ordered has hit the tracks and is running on the Frankston, Werribee and Williamstown lines
  • 8 additional train services on the Werribee line as a result of a $4.5 million service upgrade
  • $500,000 Werribee Bus Interchange upgrade
  • 4 additional train services per weekday on the Wyndham Vale Line as a result of a $10.83 million upgrade to allow for more regional train services
  • Werribee bus route upgrade


  • As part of a $15 million homeless package, twenty new properties will be purchased or built and up to 50 properties leased


  • Men’s Sheds Funding Round 2017: Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre Men’s Cultural Space ($60,000)
  • Delivered $30,000 in funding to assist with the development of the East Werribee Justice Precinct in Wyndham
  • Victorian Litter Innovation Fund Round 1: Wyndham City Council ($20,000)
  • Victorian Litter Innovation Fund Round 2: Wyndham City Council ($15,000)
  • Launched phase 2 of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Renting Resources Project, which involves a number of multilingual, easy to understand videos that explain the rights and responsibilities of tenancy in Victoria specifically to new Australians
  • Community Shade Grants round 1: Western Athletics ($3,000)
  • Community Shade Grants round 2: Victoria Maori Wardens Inc ($2,500)
  • Werribee Community Centre will receive 5 additional hours of funding per week/ 260 hours per year through the Neighbourhood House Coordination Program


  • $11.4 million upgrade of Werribee South’s ageing irrigation infrastructure – 39 kilometres of open channels would be replaced with pipelines. To be completed over several years.


  • $3.2 million for the Our Green Heart project, to transform and redevelop Wyndham Park in Werribee
  • $1.5 million for Chirnside Park hub redevelopment which will significantly improve the facilities available to the Werribee Football Club and other groups such as Werribee Auskick.
  • $1 million to transform Main Outfall Sewer reserve into a parkland to service a growing population in Melbourne’s west.


  • The Interface Growth Fund is generating local jobs by helping outer-suburban communities build local infrastructure that is vital for growing communities to thrive into the future. Wyndham City Council has advised that:
    • the Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre is expected to generate at least 30 FTE jobs during the construction phase, and at least 5 jobs during the ongoing operations phase
    • the Chirnside Park Hub Redevelopment is expected to generate 63 FTE jobs during the construction phase, and 28 FTE jobs during the ongoing operations phase
    • the Community Connections project is expected to generate up to 8 jobs during the construction phase, as well as extending the employment period of some of council’s existing contractors
  • Established the Jobs Victoria Employment Network which provides intensive support to those unable to get a job
  • Back to Work Scheme providing financial incentives of up to $11,000 per worker for businesses that hire ex-automotive workers


  • Established the Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program, offering support to supply chain companies to develop new business plans
  • Established the Local Industry Fund for Transition which has funded 33 projects, generated over $160 million in investments and created 864 jobs


  • To improve fishing opportunities for recreational anglers 32,000 estuary perch fingerlings were released into Werribee River

Creative Industries:

  • Creative Suburbs Program: Wyndham City Council received $100,000 for its project entitled ‘Place Patterns’t


  • $500,000 committed to establishing second Indian Cultural Precinct in Melbourne’s West

Growing Suburbs Fund:

  • $1,500,000 for Chirnside Park Hub Redevelopment
  • $1,150,000 for Community Connections
  • $1,500,000 for Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre
  • $1,200,000 for ‘Our Green Heart’ – Wyndham Park Transformation and Redevelopment


  • $1 million planning and design works for Werribee Open Range Zoo