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The Andrews Labor Government’s achievements in Altona  – 2014 / 2018

* Not a complete list


  • Chronic Condition Support Grants 2017: Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia Inc ($10,000) and Westgate Support Group Inc ($9,900)
  • Opened a new GP and allied health clinic at Laverton Community Hub, services include mental health, podiatry, occupational therapy, family counselling and vision clinics
  • School Shade Grants Program Round 1: Altona Meadows Primary School ($25,000), Altona P-9 College ($25,000)
  • School Shade Grants Program Round 2: Altona Green Primary School ($14,300)


  • Aviation Road level crossing removal project in tender
  • $1.8 billion Western Suburbs Road Package:

– Widen Dunnings Road and Palmers Road from Point Cook Road to the Princes Freeway.

– Duplicate Dohertys Road between Fitzgerald Road and Grieve Parade from two lanes to a four-lane divided carriageway, including bridge duplication.

  • Launched the WynBay L2P program – a community-based initiative that recruits volunteers to help disadvantaged young people get their P’s


  • Victorian Budget 2017/18 funded Altona North police station upgrade
  • The first of the new 406 sworn police officers announced in the Victoria Budget 2016/17 being rolled out
  • Land Acquisition for a much needed future police station at Point Cook.

Public Safety:

  • Approved $18,484 funding for Hobsons Bay City Council to install security lighting and window coverings at the Hobsons Bay Community Workshop


  • Let’s Count eligible kinders: Featherbrook Kindergarten and Jamieson Way Kindergarten.
  • New school to be built: Sanctuary Lakes South Proposed P9
  • Doctors in Secondary Schools: Laverton P-12 College to participate from term 3, 2017
  • School capital funding: Featherbrook P-9 College, Mount St Joseph Girls College ($500,000), Carranballac P-9 College ($200,000)
  • Victorian Budget 2017/18 provided $1 million to Point Cook Senior Secondary College for planning for a new year 10-12 senior campus
  • Funding provided to purchase land for Sanctuary Lakes South Proposed P9
  • Planned school maintenance: Altona P-9 College ($371,000), Altona Primary School ($108,000), Carranballac P-9 College ($12,500) and Seaholme Primary School ($26,000)
  • School Breakfast Clubs Program participating schools: Altona Meadows Primary School, Altona North Primary School and Altona P-9 College, Laverton P-12 College
  • Camps, Uniforms and Excursions Fund 2015-2016: Parents supported (2,850), students supported (4,297), total amount paid ($658,125)
  • Seabrook Primary provided with $113,122 to build a new boundary fence
  • Funding for additional stages of the Sanctuary Lakes P-9 School ($3.13 million). This will fund stage 2 of the project and ensures that the 675 place school will open at the beginning of 2019.
  • Construction of the new Point Cook South Senior Secondary College ($53 Million). This new vertical secondary school will be built for 1,100 students and is set to open in January 2020.

Emergency Services:

  • In 2015 opened the new $4.3 million Altona Fire Station which is four times larger than the previous facility
  • Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program 2015-16: $13,140 for Altona LSC
  • Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program 2016-17: $43,647 for Hobsons Bay Unit
  • Emergency Services Volunteer Sustainability: Hobsons Bay ($9,924.40)


  • VicHealth Active Club grants 2016: Altona Bowling Club Inc ($3,000) & Point Cook Football Club ($2,013)
  • VicHealth Active Club grants 2017: Altona Hockey Club ($2,610)
  • Defibrillators Grants Program: Newport Ladies Lacrosse Club
  • Sporting Club Grants 2016: Altona Gators Basketball Club ($986), Altona Life Saving Club ($993), Barefoot 11 ($1,000), City West Falcons Inc ($1,000), Laverton Magpies Football Club Inc ($1,000), Laverton Park Soccer Club ($927), Point Cook Cricket Club Inc ($1,000), Point Cook Netball Club ($2,000)
  • Sporting Club Grants 2017: Altona Life Saving Club ($2,000), Laverton Park Tennis Club ($1,000), Point Cook Football Club ($1,000), Wyndham Ultimate ($1,000), Wyndham Track and Field Club ($1,485), Hobsons Bay Pirates Softball Club Inc ($1,000), Geelong Mountain Bike Club Inc ($2,000)

Early Childhood:

  • Opened the brand-new $7.3 million Saltwater Community Centre in Point Cook which offers 198 places across its three and four-year-old kindergarten programs.
  • Allocated $1.6 million to establish an Integrated Children’s Centre in Altona Early Years Centre.
  • Children’s Capital Major Grants: Cooraminta Laverton North Kindergarten ($226,000) to increase capacity and deliver additional services to meet the needs of the community. This will include the introduction of a 3 year old kinder program and additional playgroups. This project is being delivered by Hobsons Bay City Council.

Family Violence:

  • Men’s Family Violence Funding: Lifeworks Relationship Counselling and Education Services ($359,875)


  • Children’s Week 2017 grants: Hobsons Bay City Council 11th Annual Childrens Week Picnic ($500)
  • Empower Youth Grants 2017: South Sudanese Community Association in Victoria ($250,000) & Wyndham City – eYouth ($440,000)
  • Freeza Grants 2016-18: Hobsons Bay City Council – KAOS Crew ($72,000)


  • Local History Grants Program: Hobsons Bay Libraries – Explore Hobsons Bay Heritage Tours App ($1,345)
  • Community Grants Program: Zimbabwe Community in Australia (Victoria) Inc ($6,500), Australia Chin Media Network Inc. ($2,500), Australian Arabic Womens Group ($1,500), National African Community in Victoria (NACV) Inc. ($1,000), Tamilar Inc ($900) and Victorian Scottish Union ($1,800).
  • Community Infrastructure and Cultural Precincts Grant: Maltese Association Hobsons Bay Inc ($20,000)
  • Victorian Litter Innovation Fund Round 1: Wyndham City Council ($20,000)
  • Victorian Litter Innovation Fund Round 2: Wyndham City Council ($15,000)
  • Community Shade Grants round 1: Altona Life Saving Club Inc ($2,314.59), Point Cook Netball Club ($1,468.84)
  • Community Shade Grants round 2: Laverton Community Integrated Services – Laverton Community Centre ($1,398.18), Laverton Community Integrated Services – Laverton Community Education Centre ($9,090.91), Laverton Park Tennis Club Inc ($11,495), Westpoint Football (Soccer) Club Inc ($4,525)
  • $1 million for the Greening the Pipeline Project. Will transform the heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer Reserve into a vibrant parkland.
  • Altona Meadows Community Centre, Jamieson Way Community Centre & Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre each eligible for an additional 5 hours of funding per week.


  • The Interface Growth Fund is generating local jobs by helping outer-suburban communities build local infrastructure that is vital for growing communities to thrive into the future. Wyndham City Council has advised that:
    • the Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre is expected to generate at least 30 FTE jobs during the construction phase, and at least 5 jobs during the ongoing operations phase
    • the Chirnside Park Hub Redevelopment is expected to generate 63 FTE jobs during the construction phase, and 28 FTE jobs during the ongoing operations phase
    • the Community Connections project is expected to generate up to 8 jobs during the construction phase, as well as extending the employment period of some of council’s existing contractors
  • Established the Jobs Victoria Employment Network which provides intensive support to those unable to get a job
  • Back to Work Scheme providing financial incentives of up to $11,000 per worker for businesses that hire ex-automotive workers


  • Established the Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program, offering support to supply chain companies to develop new business plans
  • Established the Local Industry Fund for Transition which has funded 33 projects, generated over $160 million in investments and created 864 jobs

Creative Industries:

  • Creative Suburbs Program: Wyndham City Council received $100,000 for its project entitled ‘Place Patterns’

Growing Suburbs Fund:

  • $200,000 for Saltwater Outdoor Youth Space